Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Exception

When I decided to start writing blogs, I said to everyone that I would cover what's hot on the streets. I said I'd blog about what's new in music and entertainment, fashion and polotics; what's relevant and popular in our society today. Then I realized, that most of us are already aware that the music today lacks substance. Most of us know that most movies aren't worth the price of admission, and if it's in fashion, we probably can't afford it, (don't get me started on polotics).Now I've decided to write about things that we should be thinking about, or at least make me think too hard. So here it goes. I've noticed, that when someone uses the word "exception", there always seems to be a high probability that the exception is not only positive, but it's never a large amount. For example, a female might say; all men are dogs, with the exception of one or two. Or a teacher might say that they were disappointed in the classes test scores, with the exception of a few students. I know it's just rambling, but can't help but think about this when I go out. I'm always doing percentages in my head about peoples habits and morals. From what I've witnessed, the majority of people out there today aren't willing to do the right thing. Most women would say that men don't act like gentlemen any more, maybe one or two, three tops. Now, I'm a twenty-four year old male with two older sisters, who was raised by a single mother, so the least I can do is hold a door open for a lady. So I guess you could say that I'm the exception. Now at the same time I could hold the door open for twelve women, but (based on experience) I would expect the majority to ignore the act of decency, with the exception of two. Now this isn't a "gender thing". It's a "why can't the exception be the negative portion of the pie graph, instead of it being the other way around thing". Wouldn't it be nice to hear someone say, "All the food was well prepared with the exception of the dessert", rather then, "All of the food was terrible, but the pie was great". I know it sounds stupid, but we live in a society where the bad outweighs the good, so any positive experiences we may go through will probably be the exception(lol) (I know, that's not entirely true). Being realistic, we're not always going to have sunny days, but if the exception turned into the majority, maybe things would be a little more pleasant when people went out. I like to think that someone might be nice enough to let you in go ahead of them at the grocery store, hold a door open for you if your within distance, or just tell you what time it is if you ask them, but I can't, because the truth is that with the exception of a handful, the majority aren't as decent as we should be. So if you are the exception, we really appreciate it.

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GlitterGirlGB said...

Your graphs are killing me..LMAO! But you are so RIGHT. =D