Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Just to give you an idea of where he is positioned, I took these pictures while I was in the middle of the intersection. You can't see it, but he is positioned out of view of any body driving east or west, making it easy to catch potential traffic violators. On top of that, the zone goes from 40 miles an hour, to 25 , and then to 45, so you can imagine what the traffic is like. Long story short, by the time you see him, he's already clocked you for going over the speed limit. Again it's a little underhanded, but I've seen people doing 55 in my residential district, and there are a lot of unsupervised children, So in the interest of safety, I can" complain, but I can't say that I fully agree, It is kind of funny to see the looks on drivers faces when they pull up to that blind intersection and see the police officer with that radar gun

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GlitterGirlGB said...

that cheeky bastard!