Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Where We Stand In America!

With America focused on Obama and Clinton, it's easy to overlook our current president, George Bush, and the current status of our economy. I've noticed, that when it comes to our economy, the average american's knowledge on the subject goes as far as our country's gas prices, which made me think of a saying that goes, what you don't know can't hurt you, a phrase that I srtongly disagree with. I prefer the saying, knowledge is power, but where does the rest of america stand. The only knowledge people appear to be interested in today is celebrity gossip. As productivity slows down, and stock prices tumble, I feel obligated to know about our country's economical dilema, and how this recession will effect america's working class financially. Our financial security should mean more to america then britany or paris hilton social status. The U.S. dollar decreasing in value, higher oil prices, and an increasing unemployment rate. Unfortunate, but still not as hot a topic on the streets as it should be.

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