Tuesday, March 18, 2008

R.I.P HIP HOP 1984-2001

Since the death of hip hop, music in general has been going down hill. If it is'nt commercializing the content, or artist sampling a real hit song, it's cars, bling, money and hustling. I've accepted the fact that album sales are more important to the industry, then artistic merit. Just when i thought that it could'nt get any worse, soulja boy tell em debuts his new single " YAHHH". His new song is a perfect example of whats wrong in the music industry today. With the lack of good lyrics and the yelling on the chorus, this song can hardly be considered music. It's obvious that artists today don't put any time or effort into these songs. I wonder how the majority can call them selves artist. To make matters worse, this is what they try to force feed us. I can't support this music any more then our youth can stop encouraging it. I guess poor quality is whats hot on the streets

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