Monday, March 31, 2008

Consideration is the key.

When I see people today, I wonder sometimes, do the majority of them even think before they act? This is the impression that I get whenever I go out, because people today seem to be so inconsiderate. The word considerate can be defined as careful thought, and after giving it some careful thought, I dont think that our society practices this enough. I've seen people do things that were unnecessary, just because they failed to take there situation into consideration, and basically inconvenienced themselves. For example, I had a car driving directly behind me, change to the right lane, speed up, get directly in front of me, only to switch lanes one last time to the left turning lane. The driver made three moves ( while causing me to break ), when only one move was necessary. Not only inconsiderate, but rude and stupid. I got a good laugh out of it anyways. But it still made me think, whats the reason for this behavior, is it lack of consideration, ignorance, or just plain disrespect. Possibly all three. You would'nt walk across a busy street without considering the circumstances and looking both ways, (although some of you might, cause we just don't give a damn) so why not apply that type of thinking to every aspect of our life. I'll tell you why, because everyone's looking out for number one, and it's hard to be nice to someone who isn't kind to you. I can't say that I blame them. Society has shown us that there are very few people who are going to do anything for anyone else that isn't in their best interest. We live in a new era, where it really is all for one and one for all. On a better note, being considerate doesn't just pertain to manners or other people, it can be a tool used to make your life and others a little more convenient.


GlitterGirlGB said...

consideration is the key- yes!

Dave from Welcome Back Rosenthal said...

Just wanted to say "hi" and thanks for the visit today AND the positive feedback. I made that site to talk about stuff I was interested in, but I've learned it's not really setup right for making money-supposed to be limited focus and stuff, but I am who I am-and I'm Gumby dammit! You might be too young for that old Eddie Murphie joke...But you've got comments man! Wow, I have to pull teeth to get them.

But the ten years I lived in LA made me very traffic and consideration conscious. I actually learned you could tell a LOT about a society/community/culture/neighborhood by how cosiderate the driving is an area. Coming back to Chicago really showed me how drastically consideration is GONE-at least in my part of town!